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Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast, but didn't know where to start?


Look no further than Darling Productions' Podcast Development Program. Our senior podcast specialist will work with you in a two-hour session to fully develop your podcast idea, including the podcast name, general brand identity, theme, episode structure, and even a season 1 episode arc. With our help, your podcast will be ready to record and share with the world.


Don't let your podcast idea stay just an idea any longer - let us help you bring it to life.


What You'll Receive:

Three 2-hr sessions that will include: 

1. Senior Podcast Strategist Consultation: A direct working relationship with our senior podcast strategist.

2. Podcast Development: Guiding the Client through our proven podcast development program.

3. Determining Podcast Brand Voice: Collaboratively establishing the podcast's unique brand voice.

4. Working Cadence: Defining the frequency and structure of podcast recordings.

5. Publishing Schedule: Creating a timeline for episode publication.

6. Promotional Tactics: Formulating strategies to promote the podcast effectively.

7. Recording Format: Determining the style and format of podcast recordings.


Plus, the opportunity for a Pilot Episode Recording (Phase 2 of Podcast Launch Program): Collaboration in the planning, recording, and editing of a pilot episode.



Upon completion of the podcast development process, Darling Productions is available to prepare the show to be pitched for presenting sponsors. This includes but is not limited to, creating a compelling pitch, showcasing the pilot episode, and developing promotional materials.

Podcast Development Program

$999.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
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